3 Downsizing Tips for Those Growing Older

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There are many reasons to move into a smaller home. The most obvious is realizing you simply don’t need as much as space as you once did. Perhaps your kids have moved away and it no longer makes sense to have so many bedrooms. Or maybe it’s that you want to travel more. In which case, why have all that house if you’re not there to enjoy it? Whatever your reason, there’s also an economic case to be made for downsizing. Less space means lower energy costs, lower landscaping fees, and fewer square feet to keep tidy and clean.

So, let’s say you’ve decided to downsize. The first question is, what are you going to do with all your stuff? Will your furniture fit in your new home? How do you decide what to keep?

To get answers to these burning questions, we spoke to Megan Tevlin, founder and lead organizer of The Organizing Blonde, a full-service organization company based in Los Angeles, CA. “It’s critical to get and stay organized in your golden years,” Megan says, “as it can only positively contribute to your well-being.” We couldn’t agree more. Here are Megan’s 3 essential tips:

  1. Plan: If you are moving into a smaller home, it is always best to plan your new space accordingly and only take with you what will fit and what you will use. You should think of the practicality of the items you will be taking with you. If you don’t use it today, you aren’t going to use it tomorrow so don’t bother bringing it with you.
  2. Disburse: If you are holding onto items for your kids or items you plan to give away “one day,” do it now! Have a discussion with your kids about the items you are holding onto for them and allow them to decide if they want to take them or not. It is surprising how many “things” people hold onto thinking next generations will want or use them. In many cases, next generations have no need or attachment to them.
  3. Photograph: If there is something you have (but do not use or need) that has sentimental meaning, take a picture of it! You can remember the item and the memories associated with it without holding onto the item. The picture can help retain those memories without causing clutter in your home.

Growing older means living wiser. So it’s time to organize your belongings and assess what you no longer need. Take control and get started now with the tips above.